PG Dairies – A Clumsy Roomie

Haylo beautiful people, I’m back!!!

Most of us have at some point in our lives, either lived in college hostels or a PG (the fancy abbreviation for Paying Guest). And that was the time we came across the most weird kind of people, whom you must have thought are from species that is alien to us (not all of them ya, you get to meet some good ones too, who become your friends for life, BUT BUT BUT every room has one such piece, NASA would also want to study……NO, really, I mean it). So, I am starting a series in my blogs, titled, “PG Dairies”, to get you introduced to some of their species. This will not be a continuous series but not to worry, I will post randomly in between my blog posts.

So, guys, today I will be telling you about a roomie of mine with some really weird habits. She used to work in a BPO in night-shifts, but was reluctant to admit that. I don’t understand why would people do that ya? Just accept what you do, what’s the big deal about it?

Let’s go ahead and meet her. What’s the first thing you do as soon as you wake up, hmmm? Some would say attend to my nature’s call, some would say brush my teeth, some would say, “I drink water” kinda things. BUT, myyy dear roomie used to have fruit cake, croissant, swiss-rolls always to her rescue and that was the first thing she used to eat without even brushing……tada… (given her most dirty brownish-yellow teeth with a lot of plaque….eeewwww)…how gross, yeah egjactly.

We pay a lot of attention about our looks and how we present ourselves to world. Once again, this wasn’t her case. She didn’t care if she has worn her clothes inside-out or her clothes are even clean or if her clothes are ironed, while stepping out of the room.

She was very well versed when it comes to abusive language and, I literally felt my ears paining whenever she used to talk to someone on call. How can someone be such a jerk, all the time!!! “Koi itni qualities ek saath kaise manage kar sakta hai, kisiko irritate karne ki?” She was a perfectionist, when it comes to testing my patience…..uffff!!!

She was hell of a food snitcher!! Whenever I used to bring something to eat, she magically appeared out of nowhere and used to start gulping my food and ended eating more than half of it and I just let her do it due to my generosity (furious). Now, the most annoying thing about her, one fine evening, after returning from my office, I was on my bed and she was on hers, our backs facing each other. I was opening a packet of snacks, on hearing the crisp rustling sound of opening the packet, she unexpectedly turned to my side and cried loudly, “kya kha rahi hai?”. How would you react on something like this? I was shocked at that moment and felt like saying, “tu hi khale, main rehne deti hun”. How can someone do that? I guess the saying goes right for her, “Grass is always greener on the other side”.

If I will tell you more about her, this post is gonna go too long, so, I am ending it here. I will come back with another chapter of my PG Diaries.

Fabulous Marriage of Saree & Crop Tops

“The sari supports millions of handloom weavers in India.”

12:30 Today, I was beginning to write my blog and I saw #wordofthedaychallenge here. Out of three words, I picked ‘fabulous’, and I knew what I am going to write about.

“11p.m. On some random day, I was browsing through the pictures on Instagram like most of us do these days. I came across few accounts and was astonished to see the fabulous pictures of gorgeous ladies flaunting Saree in an all new avatar. Right there!! I fell in love with the pairing of saree with a variety of crop tops (when I say crop tops; it includes all ranging from t-shirts, shirts, peplum tops, long tops, ruffled tops and what not) . It won’t be wrong to say, it’s like successful remarriage of a saree with a crop top.

Since then, I have been longing to wear the fabulous combination BUT haven’t got any chance to try my luck. But, hopefully, soon I will get to wear it, in case I find the right match. I will definitely share with you my story of it whenever I will wear it.

Huh…(dreamy)!!! It feels so sooo gud to imagine myself in that divine match of 6 yards and a crop top. An interesting post will be up soon from a Saree’s dairy, so guys stay tuned for more fun!! Au revoir!!!

20 Facts About Me – Part 2

Hi there! Yeah, that’s me!!

As promised, I am here to share some more “facts about me” with my new family ;-). Those of you, who havn’t read the first part, you can read it here. So, without ado, let’s get started, to take a dive into some funny (yeah obvio) and some genuine facts, about me, of course!!

  1. I used to hate Mathematics during my school years, and literally, I used to get freeze while doing my homework. BUT, when I grew up, I opted for Commerce stream (which most of the people think is opted, when students are not left with any option, leave alone arts; da……people pls come out of this perception). Guess what, during 1st year of my college, it came across as a mandatory subject and I couldn’t believe it when I scored 85/100 in it (tada….flashback coming in).
  2. I am a golgappa and bhel-puri and sev-puri fan, can have it anytime, anywhere (mmmm…..yummy….come on girl, get back from dreamzz….can write a whole blog on this).
  3. I am fond of Bollywood & Hollywood movies and series. Bollywood will always be on top of the list, not to mention bollywood songs force me to tap my feet. My most favorite English series is Game of Thrones (it’s real addiction guys) and The Vampire Dairies (oooo…I so much love vampires, now don’t take me as a weirdo, just because I love vampires).
  4. I can’t stand insensitive and fake people. And mostly when I know the person is lying on my face.
  5. I am very fussy about my things. My things MUST be at their proper place and if I don’t find my things at their usual place, it irritates hell out of me.
  6. I have to have fruits everyday, otherwise, my food seems incomplete. It feels something was majorly missing from my diet.
  7. During my childhood days, shhhhhh………(whispers) I used to eat lots and lots of toffees and chocolates. When I say lots, I literally mean it.
  8. While working on something that doesn’t requires my concentration, I love to listen to songs (I even used to hear songs while working in my office and that takes away the boring and lazy elements).
  9. Once unable to read even the thinnest book (Around the world in 80 days) that I got reissued from library for three weeks in a row, now, I am glad that I read books and look for good books to read on my kindle.
  10. I got a really bad injury 3 years back and the flashback of the moment still haunts me giving me goosebumps and shivers. Will talk about it some other day in detail.

So, there you have it! Some facts about me. Now, it’s your turn. Tell me about yourself in the comments below. Will meet you in my next post.

20 Facts About Me – Part 1

I wrote my first blog in 2017 but being a non-technical person, I felt a little uncomfortable with WordPress and demotivated due to no response on my previous blog which really came from my heart and it took me only 15 minutes to write the whole blog. But now, I thought I must give it time and just write whatever I want to share with you all. So, my today’s post is about 20 facts about me to delve you into my life!!

  1. To start with, I am an Indian girl, born in January, who very much loves her country and its vividness.
  2. I am the younger child to my parents and has a brother as my elder sibling. Needless to say, he fights with me a lot. (winks)
  3. I was named, Misha, after a Russian Bear Mascot of the 1980’s Moscow Olympic Games and we had an English kid’s magazine at our disposal too, named MISHA. This great task (giving me my name) was executed by my mausiji (maternal aunt).
  4. Since my childhood days, till date, I loved to eat Bikaneri Bhujiya (an Indian savoury snack, widely popular) from the depth of my heart. I have a weird and amazing memory of having it which I will be sharing in my future blogs.
  5. Now, it’s a funny one! We used to have a Pomeranian dog as a pet. Her name was “Twinkle” and really had twinkling eyes…cute yet mischevious. Whenever it was my call to take her for her nature’s call, I was supposed to hold her through her belt and escort her to the streets. BUT, it used to happened vice versa and she used to be running ahead like a mad dog and navigating me (forcibly) behind her. Everyone in my house laughs at my innocence till date.
  6. Speaking of innocence, there is another fact about me which everyone remembers today as fresh as if it happened yesterday. I was eating roti (flatbread) with dahi (curd) and eventually the tits and bits of my roti fell in my dahi which, I don’t know why I considered not to have and started feeding dahi to my mamaji (maternal uncle) and after few spoons he told me that he is full and can’t have it further. To his surprise, I said, “Mamaji, abhi to 2 kale kale aur hain” (Mamaji, it still contains 2 black things) hahaha.
  7. Like every girl, I used to play with dolls a lot and spent a lot of time on the swings at our home with dolls. I always loved dolls with long hair and on one of my birthdays, I specially asked for a doll and she must have long hairs.
  8. In my room, you will find contrast colored walls, lot of stuff toys, a body lotion, a hard bound book or an eBook-reader, my phone, it’s charger and not to forget my earphones which are must.
  9. According to my 9 year old niece, I am really “good with dance and arts”. I do love dancing and art and craft since my childhood. My mom used to teach me dance at my early days.
  10. My hidden talent is writing, ya, you read it right!! it never came across to me that I can write but I had an urge to write blogs but didn’t know my ability of writing. I used to work as an HR Manager and had to explain and discuss a lot of things to my peers in various departments. One day I just mentioned to him that I want to write blogs and he showed confidence in me that I have the capability to write as I have good command over explaining things. So, coming from a third person, it gave me a lot of confidence.

So, here was the first 10 “Facts About Me”. I will share more facts about me in my next post which will be coming your way soon, as the blog would have been too long to write all 20 facts here. Hope it was a fun read for you. Feel free to leave  a comment what yoyu liked or even what you didn’t like!!

Real-Time Meditation

Hey Guys!!

My name is Heena aka Misha and today I am sharing a strange concept of meditation which I kind of experienced and felt worth sharing with you all!!

Hey, you, all youth out there, you might be thinking that meditation is hell of a boring thing and you feel sleepy while trying to do so, BUT, hey, let me tell you this new thing that I am sharing with you guys is nothing closer to that, so let’s get to know what exactly it is that I am talking about.

Today, we all have numerous gadgets to keep us busy like our smartphones, iPods, iPads, tabs, laptops and blah…blah…blah!! Would you agree if I say that most of us have our earplugs pressed in our ears for almost every now and then. Whether we are travelling or walking or doing our things or even talking to someone with hands-free mode on. You might be thinking that why not if doing so make our monotonous activities more interesting and fun. Well, I am also the one of this kind. BUT then what is the point of meditation that we started at the beginning? Now, what is real-time meditation?

My Encounter

Okay, I will share my experience with you folks when I first experienced this concept. I was doing job in Gurugram (then,Gurgaon) and there was no other option for me except for living in a P.G. (Paying Guest) and let me tell you guys that the caretakers of my P.G. were so horrible that sometimes I felt so depressed and as a result to cope with it I used to constantly watch T.V. or something on my laptop with my best friends (ear plugs) pressed in my ears during my weekends!!

On one Saturday, I decided to head to Connaught Place in New Delhi all alone as there was no one to accompany me. So, I took metro and reached my destination while during my travel in metro again I was enjoying with my best friends and my mini mp3 player. I took the exit from the metro station towards Block ‘C’. It was a summers’ time and the time was approximately 2:00 p.m. I searched for a roadside book vendor as I was over with my last book and needed a new one. And guess what, I bought “The Fault in our Stars” and I must be the first one to watch the movie first and read the book on the second-hand.

Anyways as I was alone, I had nothing else to do than to find a shady place to sit and read the book. I bought cold coffee from a local vendor (which in the first sip didn’t tasted like one) and luckily I happened to find a place for myself on the bench under a tree. My earplugs still plugged in, coffee in one hand and book and a pen (trying hard to improve my vocabulary by underlining difficult words) in another. I was doing three tasks at the same time – listening, drinking, and reading. Ohhhh!! Sorry trying to read. Actually when you are doing so many things at the same time you are not actually doing things but miserably trying to do them.

And unable to concentrate on my reading I started looking at people, yes, the people and their gestures, motions, smiles, everything!! After a few minutes I stopped the music on my mp3 player and started observing people more keenly. Some were with their kids, some were with their partners…eating, shopping, walking around shops, bargaining with vendors and it was that moment I felt relaxed and started enjoying the sounds of people, the sight of people, the warmth of the day in that shady spot of mine. I kept sitting there for two hours and then I had to gather myself which was very difficult for me at that moment to take a leave from there BUT I decided to do such trips in future also.

So, guys, you must have understood by now what I meant by ‘Real-Time Meditation’, it is to experience and feel the real things around you whatever it is. I am not saying that you need to boycott your iPods, mp3 players, smartphones but once in a while doing so will leave you more relaxed as it is the destiny of a human being to be in the lap of nature.

I hope you liked my experience!! Please write back to share your views or what do you feel about this kind of meditation, will you try it or any such thing you have experienced.

Loads of Love to you Happy People!!

Do leave your comment and let me know your experience about any such encounter and your opinions about my post.